Vx2 voltage doubler

Vx2 voltage doubler

9v in 18v out 1.5×2″


9v DC input dual 18v DC outputs

small and durable, helps you get the most clarity and headroom out of your overdrives and some compression/boost pedals etc!

wait time on the Vx2 is currently about a week, should be less once they’re around a bit!

please consult your pedals manual to determine if your unit can run safely at 18v. This1smyne will not be responsible for ‘fried’ units improperly hooked up to 18v. a not so comprehensive list of units i own/have owned that can run safely at 18v is below:

Fulltone OCD
Fulltone FD2
MXR 10 band EQ
Empress Compressor
Diamond Boost/EQ
Diamond Compressor
T1M The Pearl
Paul C Timmy (please do not hook up a clone without consulting the builder first!)
Paul C Tim
Barber Tone Press
Analogman KOT/POT