Volume Pedal Tone Suck Mod

Volume Pedal Tone Suck Mod

$35.00 — $60.00

I have done this mod to multiple brands of volume pedals including Boss, Dunlop (mini and the X) ernie ball, goodrich and goofy one off units. if you are checking out with a brand OTHER than ernie ball just follow your order with an email to this1smyne@hotmail.com (please note if you are sending in a true stereo unit the mod will be more expensive if applied to both signal paths) the Expression Ernie mod is NOT available on other models, but i can rig something custom just shoot me an email! thanks!

This mod installs the famous T1M mini buffer to your ernie ball or similar  volume pedal, preventing the ‘tone loss’ associated with using the tuner output and buffering your signal to keep it strong through the rest of your pedal chain and giving you the ultimate ‘guitar into amp’ tone! Please make sure your shipping address is correct on the checkout and that the SAME address is on the package the VP is shipped in.

this mod includes your choice of LED colors for pimp daddy head turning, and a 9V boss style barrel plug is needed to power the unit. I also ‘seat’ the pot correctly before shipping it back as a free ‘tune up’ to your pedal ;)

NOTE: this option is available to international buyers HOWEVER the shipping is considerably more expensive, so please send me an email before ordering if you are in another country.

NOTE ALSO: this mod requires you to send in YOUR volume pedal IN WORKING ORDER for completion. Please send the EB to for the time being if you could send in using Fedex or UPS that would be great, we’re working out the USPS situation at the new address
Dan Burgess
this1smyne Effects
2193 Sandy Point Lane
mount pleasant, SC 29466

The approx build time for a Volume pedal modification is 1 week