Strymon Timeline Bank Scroll

Strymon Timeline Bank Scroll

$75.00 — $100.00

$50.00 — $80.00

You save $20.00 — $25.00 (20% — 33%)!

I have a love hate with digital pedals… i love that they’re so flexible, but HATE how hard they can be to use. I was fortunate enough to get a timeline in the first batch, but it was quirky in that i couldn’t attach midi to it (to synch clock) which also forbade me from utilizing a DMC controller. The banks were a pain in the butt live for me to get through in the short amount of time between songs, and i would find myself accidently engaging a preset or scrolling to far/not enough trying to hit both stomps at once. Enter the timeline mod. Super simple external preset scroll so you can get up and down your banks with ease. FINALLY i can use the Timeline live without an expensive large midi controller. Jump up on it. all the cool kids are doing it.

The whole mod includes the Aux switch, a TRS cable and the actual mod itself to YOUR Strymon Timeline

please checkout with the mod, and send your unit to
Dan Burgess
This1smyne Effects
2193 sandy point lane
Mount pleasant, SC 29466

if you can include a copy of your order form (printed) that would help speed your mod through the shop.

Turn around time is roughly a week and i do not need your box or power supply (they just make shipping more of a pain)

The jack must be added to the side, but it can be added to EITHER side. if you have a preference please email when you order, otherwise it will be on the tap tempo side of the unit.

The approx mod time for a timeline with switcher is 1 week