T1M Repairs

T1M Repairs


Hey ya’ll, i know things go bad sometimes. if its DOA please write me an email at this1smyne@hotmail.com . but if its a wear/tear type or you plugged in the wrong power or…. well…. really anything thats not in the first week: checkout below and send your unit in to (preferably UPS or Fedex mail in)

This1smyne Effects
2193 Sandy Point Lane
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

prices are set to accomplish a few things: cover shipping costs, cover repair costs, and help make the repair process more streamlined. getting in random packages from random people all over the globe isn’t practical from a book keeping perspective.

Everything This1smyne is warranty for LIFE at cost of shipping/parts. If i’ve built it i want it to be in action somewhere, not in a garbage heap. Please put a copy of your original order form (or include a note with your order transaction details) so i can track things down. If you got the unit second hand thats ok, just put whatever information you have on it in the box.

Please Note: T1M Warranty covers UNMOLESTED PEDALS. if you have attempted a rehouse, hack, repair or your best buddy who is as masterful with a soldering iron as you are on a nascar track: i will still work on it, but there will be more charges applied based on the condition of the pedal and what all was done by your masterful friend (or yourself). Its easier to repair my own work than someone elses.

Do not send in anyone elses pedals, i’ve got a full work load and will not be doing repairs on random boutiques.

Hopefully this process will help expedite repairs coming in/going out.

If you need a STRYMON unit repaired, you will have to order the Pot or encoder from strymon and send it in with your unit. I do not carry the PCB mounted encoders required for timelines/bigsky etc. but am willing to do the repairs