Eternal Moon Preset Mod

Eternal Moon Preset Mod


 Aight you jokers. Had a customer twist my arm and get me to do one of these and it wasn’t nearly as bad as i thought. These units are fantastic, but there are SO MANY SOUNDS between those three knobs…. infinite pad, light lush verb, all the way to wild and crazy apes banging on Hells gates…. or something like that. Here is the ability to have two full presets on your eterna/moon in the same small footprint. essentially turn it into a blue sky with less mA draw, less footprint, and a sweet T1M LED eye. 

NOTE ALSO: this mod requires you to send in YOUR unit IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER for completion. Please send to
Dan Burgess
this1smyne Effects
2193 sandy point lane
mount pleasant, SC 29466

The approx mod time for a modded Eterna or Supermoon is 6-7 weeks

PLEASE DO NOT CHECKOUT WITH BOTH MOD OPTIONS! there isn’t room internally for both mods at the same time… if you’d like both we would need to do a rehouse on the unit and make it larger 

pictured is the ‘concentric’ knobs. six knobs will be three up top and three below

if you want preset AND trails your unit will need to be rehoused… an additional $25-50 may be incurred (i will follow with an email) depending on enclosure costs