R2E2 2 button Aux switch

R2E2 2 button Aux switch

$35.00 — $45.00

Due to popular demand:

The boss type loopers (RC2, Rc3, Rc20xl, RC30, and RC50) all use momentary normally closed dual FS5U option to control the looper functions. unfortunately two FS5U units next to each other on your board will take up a whopping 26 square inches!!! Here is a popular request turned basic offering that incorporates two momentary normally closed stomps (soft touch) in a 1590A enclosure (1.5×3.5) enclosure that takes literally 80% less space (5.25 sq inches) great looper control for the tight spots on your board.
Please note that the TRS cable is the pancake type, i do not have straight TRS available. if you have an RC3 unit you will have to angle the pancake towards the front of the unit and use a smaller input jack cable to fit. George L’s, switchcraft, monster, and Lava have all been tested and fit.

the Boss series pedals will use NC (normally closed) operation. also: customers have noted that 6″ is too short and 12″ too long, so there are 9″ TRS available as add ons on the menu



The approx build time for an E2 is 1-2 days