The Punch Drive

The Punch Drive


Due to popular demand, the PUNCH Drive is also available as an independent unit separate from the Pearl. The Punch drive is the black sheep ballsy overdrive that sets the Pearl apart from other TS style ‘dual drives’. Combined with the Touch drive the Punch has formidable… well…. PUNCH! By itself its smooth overdrive is very dumblesque, with sustain for days. the Volume stays in check with the compression of the circuit, with more gain than most people are comfortable shaking their fist at. the Punch drive shakes it right back at ya, turning your guitar/amp into a rock and roll MACHINE! Included is the ‘joke’ mode (middle toggle) that gives the Punch some spitting synth/fuzz like qualities, great for the more experimental musician. The knobs are Volume, Drive, Feedback (presence) and Tone. 

A good place to start with the Punch drive is all settings at noon

video from our friends at

The approx build time for a Punch Drive is 3-4 weeks