Protodrive – PTDV

Protodrive – PTDV



Something new has been in the works at T1M. a lot of people have fallen in love with the touch drive but are wanting something in between the rawness of the punch and the clarity of the touch. I went to experimenting off of the good ole ‘ts’ circuit and came up with whats being called (for the moment) the protodrive. the PTDV is a clarity MONSTER sharing similarities with the touch (shine control) but with a significantly larger gain sweep and more volume on tap. the proto batch was built up with various clipping caps on selector but that might change as i build more up. each PTDV is built with love and takes approx 3 weeks to build up. Demo’s will be posted as they’re received. Until than those that saw the periscope video can attest that this pedal is BALLER to the max!
Also offering a protopearl which is a touch drive and PTDV in one with built in order swap and the troll to trump all trolls: the protozone, which is a PTDV built into a metalzone enclosure. you must provide your own metalzone to be sacrificed to the tone gods (little g) in the construction of your protozone

kinda junky vid but its something ;) till one of you do a better vid

Cell Phone Demo

The approx build time for a Proto Drive is 3-4 weeks