[MT] Mini Tap Tempo Switch

[MT] Mini Tap Tempo Switch

A must have for momentary live tempo goodness!

$25.00 — $33.00

A must have for momentary live goodness! A delay tap tempo for DD5, DD7, DD20, RC series eventide pedals, MOOG, etc and Phasers for ‘blip’ type effects.

Did I mention that they’re 25% smaller than Loop-Master and approx. 1/4 the size of an FS5U? Save space on your board and make it look better!

if you need NC switch (some pedals do) please write so on the order, default is NO (normally open) soft touch stomps

Boss Units use the Normally CLOSED stomp, eventides and EHX use Normally OPEN. so for boss DD5, DD20, DD7 etc order a NC

with the increased popularity of several delay units, I’m now offering SPLIT NO/NC tap tempo on the dual and triple taps and dual NO type for timeline safety (timelines don’t appear to play well with otheres). Please note that the DPDT is NOT a soft touch switch, and that the timeline works perfectly fine on a normal tap tempo by itself, but some have experienced difficulties with other NO type delays on the dual/triple tap tempos.

The approx build time for a Tap Tempo Pedal is 1-2 days

NOTE: dual and triple tap tempo units are built into 1590A enclosures (1.5×3.5″) single are 1.5×2