[MB] Mini Buffer

[MB] Mini Buffer

These are small enough you can stuff em’ anywhere!

$39.00 — $79.00

I’ve had many requests to manufacture the infamous Mini Buffer for customers, so here it is! These are small enough you can stuff em’ anywhere!

Customers have been selling high end ‘name brand’ buffers in favor of the mini! so if you’re looking for a no frills buffer in a small package, look no further!

note: the MB comes stock with NO led, if you’re specific about what color you’d like please email me after ordering.

also: the true bypass version (with the on/off stomp) comes in a FINGER enclosure (1.5″ longer) due to the fact there simply isn’t room inside the mini for the stomp and everything. MB TB comes STANDARD with an On/Off LED (blue) if you’d prefer a different color please email me!

Shameless plug for the use of a mini buffer in Dr Z effects loops

customer vid of mini buffer comparison

after a few requests: Y boxes (1 input 2 buffered outputs) and dual mini buffers (essentially 2 in 1 box) are now available for order! the ‘patch type’ is crossed input and output on each side (ideal if you are sandwiching your chain with buffers) so buffer 1 input and buffer 2 output on 1 side of the unit, buffer 2 input and buffer 1 output on the other side of the unit. Papa Patch is a 1590B enclosure, buffered inputs and outputs, and can be used as a riser for another pedal to be put on top of the unit (save some pedalboard space!)

The approx build time for a Mini Buffer is 1-3 days
The approx build time for a Y or dual buffer is 1 week