Lava Cable Tightrope Solderless kits

Lava Cable Tightrope Solderless kits

DIY lava cables


The Tightrope Kit

Currently SOLD OUT

Just when you thought Lava ELC was the smallest, they go and come up with the Tightrope end. BY FAR the smallest cable end on the market, smaller even than their predecessor! so if you’re cramped for room and want a DIY option to get the BEST tone out of your board, grab yourself a Tightrope kit, or two, or three (at a slight ‘bulk’ discount!) and find your true tone.

the Tightrope kits are sold with a stripper, 10 feet of HIGH QUALITY lava cable, and 10 end connectors (enough to make 5 cables). easy to follow instructions with a ‘threaded’ design to prevent pull outs, these lavas are easier than ever to make and promise to keep your pedal board tidy through all your gigs.

If you would like to have the lava assembled for you please check out with the Lava ELC SOLDERED BY T1M cable option on this page: