External Tap Tempo/Strymon Modification

External Tap Tempo/Strymon Modification


I get more requests for tap tempo than my email queue can handle, so we’re shifting to an actual order form. Please note you will be responsible for shipping YOUR unit into this1smyne in proper working condition, and only the following units are available for the external tap tempo mod:
Line 6: Dl4, MM5, M9, echo park
Strymon: VERSION 2 ONLY El cap, brig, Timeline, mobius
Diamond: tremolo, Memory Lane, Memory Lane Jr
Boss: DD5, DD20

i can change LED’s as well in units that come in for a mod, if you want ONLY the LED’s swapped please select the LED only mod, and only single color LEDs will be swapped.


send your unit with detailed note/copy of the order via UPS or Fedex to
Dan burgess
this1smyne effects
2193 sandy point lane
mount pleasant, SC 29466

The OMNImod is a third LED added (all three LEDS are changed to your choice of colors), the on board tap tempo STOMP becomes a favorite switch, and a tap input is added to the side (or in place of the expression jack on the back, default is added to the┬áside). the OMNImod is $75 or you can add in a mini tap tempo pedal for $15 more as a bundle. if you need more than one tap tempo output i’d ask that you checkout on the MT-mini tap page and select the tap that you’d need.