Expression Ernie

Expression Ernie

$50.00 — $145.00


The Expression Ernie gives you the option to swap your Ernie Ball volume pedal from a VP to an expression pedal and back with ease on your board LIVE without unplugging or compromising any extra pedalboard space! I’ve found a lot of players are hesitant to have dedicated space/weight to expression pedals on their board, and some are scared of their ability to balance and control the infamous ME mini expression pedal… But so many units are SO MUCH MORE USEFUL with the expression option! even for a few settings here and there…. enter: the Expression Ernie.

Toggle version is a toggle on the front of the unit (easy to reach down and flip with your finger)

Stomp version is a stomp on the face of the unit allowing you to toggle in and out of expression mode on the fly hands free!

External Expression ernie (available HERE)  is a mod free way to turn your volume pedal into an expression pedal in the form of a 1590B enclosure with a 2 color LED indicator letting you know what mode your ernie ball is in.

If you need your unit modded send it via UPS/FEDEX ground to
dan burgess
2193 Sandy point lane
mount pleasant, SC 29466

primary indicator is BLUE, secondary indicator is RED. if you have a preference for colors please follow your order with a note or email indicating which colors you’d prefer

Quick Expression Ernie Demo

Please note: international buyers SELECT PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING otherwise your box will go out first class

Wait time on the expression ernie is about 2-3 weeks for the toggle and 3-4 weeks for the stomp