[E3D] Eventide/Strymon Aux Switcher

[E3D] Eventide/Strymon Aux Switcher

My 3 button Aux Switch expands some of the best delays on the market to allow for 6 foot accessible functions instead of just 3 at a time!

$40.00 — $45.00

NEW: now available for the following strymon units as well! only for the Mobius, Bigsky, Timeline. make sure you update your firmware on the strymon website! The strymon e3d will function as an exact workalike for the Multiswitch with the following mode matrix:
Exp mode (global setting menu)  L C R
Bank     Preset Down    Tap Tempo   Preset Up
Preset    Bank Down     Preset Cycle   Bank up
Tap       Preset Down    Bypass       Preset up
Looper  Record         Play      Stop
Reverse     Half Speed     undo/redo

The Eventide pedals allow for an extension pedal, one that takes signal on a TRS cable (tip ring sleeve). It responds to each of three commands differently (tip alone, ring alone, tip and ring together). The only bummer about the eventide pedals is they have so many options, but only a few available at the same time, limiting their live usage. For example – play mode and bank mode – it’s a pain in the neck to go back and forth between them, or changing banks of presets.  You can’t go backwards, only up which can be frustrating live…. and if your Eventide isn’t on the front row (or is in bank mode) you can’t operate the tap tempo function. so without midi control (which is not an option on most pedalboards) the pedal is limited in its usage.

My 3 button Eventive Aux Switch solves whatever problems you might have with the eventide modelers by extending the options of footswitches to 6 instead of just 3. You can program them to do whatever you’d like (on my modfactor I had one programed to tap tempo, one to bank down, and the other to ‘freeze’ the speed of the modulation, allowing for some crazy brake type effects on the chorus and flanger). A must have for all Eventide users!

E3D Deluxe: Syncs an additional BOSS style delay to your Eventide pedal and  also gives you the three ‘function’ footswitches in addition to the ones on the pedal itself. This lets you avoid that annoying bank/play mode switching and easily access presets. Plus you can program the 3 buttons to do whatever you want them to, allowing tap tempo without the worry of hitting switches on other pedals. This also matches that same tempo with an AUX out momentary switch, so your delays from 2 different units will be matched up without having the hassle of a midi clock. These things are invaluable with the Timefactor and Modfactor, and are a fraction of the size and cost of the clunky digitech version. Usually you have the TIP be a tap tempo (because I also offer an external tap tempo out on the other side of the pedal, allowing you to sync another tap tempo pedal to the eventide, so you can sync your Modfactor to your Timefactor, or your DD20 to your Modfactor, or your DD5 to your Timefactor, or whatever you can dream up).


ALSO: I’ve built up custom shop pedals called the E3MED for customers who wanted an expression pedal built into a 1590B Check it out on the products page!

TRS cables (right angle of course) can be purchased separately for $8 a piece

Here’s a link to the eventide manual (page 32) explaining how to setup an E3D. You plug OUT of the TRS output, the AUX TAP jack is connected only to the TIP signal, and is typically used for tap tempo out to another unit (such as a DD20 or DD5 or another eventide that only needs 1 function controlled)

The approx build time for an E3D switcher is 1-2 days
Painted options add about a week