AC/EC (Acoustic Electric)

AC/EC (Acoustic Electric)

$90.00 — $140.00

More and more worship leaders are rotating guitars mid set, but are looking to share sections of their chain for both their acoustic and electric guitars. Enter: the AC/EC (also known as the ‘gungor’ pedal).

The idea behind the AC/EC was hashed out by our friends at Salvage Customs during the assembly of Michael Gungor’s pedalboard. Gungor had the need for both his acoustic and electric guitar to share a single tuner, a single volume pedal, and the looper in his timeline and the reverb pedals on his board. So the AC/EC was born. Plug your acoustic guitar into channel 1, your electric guitar into a chain of drive pedals, and than into chain 2. whatever pedals you want ‘shared’ between both units go into the loop on the AC/EC (volume, delay, reverb, tuner, M9 etc) and than the outputs go out 1 to a DI and out 2 to your electric amp. On stomp you alternate between the two signals. the AC/EC automatically mutes the other output, so there will be no ‘cross talk’, no dancing, and a nice small compact pedalboard that you can use on BOTH acoustic and electric guitar.

for the full monte gungor box a boost is included built into the box on the ‘loop’ channel so you can solo boost either your electric or your acoustic signal.

AC/EC + will have a bypass stomp for instant loop bypass

The approx build time for an AC/EC switcher is 1 week
Gungorized is 2-4weeks

Standard 2.3×4.7 1590B
Gungor Type 3.7×4.7×2 1590C
MK2 3.7×4.7×1.1 1590BB