The Pearl is available in LIMITED quantities  built to order, you can checkout in the shop but it will still be about a month build time. Thanks for your interest!

There have been some questions about the controls (as i don’t label them by default)
top row is (left to right)
volume gain    volume drive

shine               presence tone

and the toggles are for different clipping options, they help The Pearl work better with different style amps
stock clipping is both toggles pointed towards the MIDDLE of the pedal (towards each other)
in the middle position it is a ‘lifted’ clipping, this generally results in a LOUDER signal, on the touch side it can become a clean boost, the punch drive side becomes an unstable fuzz. i choose to leave that setting for the more adventurous types 😉 if you don’t dig it leave it stock.
point the toggles out to the edge of the pedal and you will have symmetrical clipping on that particular side of the pearl, mixing and matching will have more of a difference when stacked than by themselves, but you can mess around with various toggle settings to hone in on your own personal flavor.

some starting settings:
punch drive all knobs at 12, mix to taste
touch drive with level at 12 and gain and shine at 9.

some have been using the touch as a medium drive by itself, i think it works BEST as a low gain drive, and than stacking with other units. try your fav low drive into the touch drive (set as above) for some magic. No joke. klon -> touch = HEAVEN. i’m partial to the heavier stuff personally, but usually have a lighter drive with the pearl for some ‘cleaner’ types.

If you’d like one side of the pearl (Touch drive and the Punch drive) just let me know which you’d prefer and i can build one up for $125 shipped.

I have been assualted with requests for a demo 😉 i’ve got a few people making them as we speak, here is a ROUGH idea of what it sounds like:

and a slightly better one with the new toggles stuck at center

The Pearl Manual Downloadable in WORD.docx