Custom True Bypass Loopers

These are always in high demand…. I will try anything, so long as you are willing to communicate with me freely for a few days before I start drilling and making a mess! I’ve got a supplier who makes better quality strip boxes than anything I’ve seen Hammond put out – thicker aluminum, better sturdier stress joints/construction for pedals, and can get them in any length you’ll need em in!

BASE LOOPER (2 loops): $49

Additional Loops: $20


Master Bypass
A/B/Y Options
Tuner Mute
Mid-Chain Passive Loop
Tap Tempo
Paint (any color you’d like)


Internal Clean boost knob: +$50
Internal Buffer: +$20
Flip-Flop: +$55
Volume Knob: +$20
Expression Knob: +$20
Eventide Switches (3): +$27
Bezels (metal whole looper): +$5
True Stereo Loops (each): +$30
Silent Switches: + $35 EACH
Staggered/stacked + $25
‘trails’ loops $35 each
Blender loop parallel +$35


I take all looper order requests by email:
If you have an idea for a custom true bypass looper shoot it by me at

Shipping is variable depending on the size of the looper and domestic vs international. usually is between $15-25 domestic and $20-45 international. Wait time on custom true bypass loopers is 6-10 weeks and i take very limited looper orders